April 6, 2009
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How To Get Really Really Fat The Easy Way! Guide - Part 1

World Exclusive Guide

Here at we know how hard it is to get really really fat.

Plain vanilla fat is easy, morbidly obese takes real dedication.

We're here to help...

Do you have too little time to exercise because you have just so much to eat?

Do you want a free membership of Morbidly Obese And Proud, the exclusive club for mega fatties?

We are the only website in the world determined to help you achieve your superfatness goals.

Our scientists have developed a range of get fat but do nothing exercises to give you the body you want but with absolutely no effort whatsoever.


OK, let's get straight down to it...

Today's lesson is visualisation.

To get the body of your dreams you have to start by finding a picture of the body you want to look like...

Don't worry, we've even done that for you!

Take a look at our gallery below and decide which is the body for you.

We have split the men from the women, but to be honest when you get to a certain size it doesn't really make much difference any more does it...

Our fat men gallery:

Fats McDoogle and Fats Johnston
Jimmy Fats
Fatty fatso
Is this a woman or a man?
Harry The Fatman

Our fat women gallery:

Jenny Fatso
Sheila Biglegs
Maybelene Bigbottom
Bethney Wobblebutt
Patricia Sweatgland

Next: Doing nothing all day, tips and tricks.

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