Feb 8, 2009
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World's Most 'Rick Rolled' Man Identified

Never Gonna Give You Up

Mike Minnesota from Harry, Belafonte, has been identified as the most Rick Rolled man in internet history.

Minnesota, 23, has been Rick Rolled 435 times in just 12 months.

Rick Astley in recent attack:
John McCain mouths Fuck You to barack Obama - spoof Youtube RickRoll
Click image for larger

US government internet security contractor Crackdown Inc had flagged Minnesota's suspicious internet browsing pattern as part of a covert FBI Homeland Security strategy.

The FBI attempts to identify particularly gullible Americans who are a potential security risk on the internet.

Those Americans identified under the scheme are then tricked into taking internet security tests to check that they don't actually pose a national security threat. If they pass this test their details are then sold to internet marketing firms for a large sum of money.

Mike Minnesota became the most Rick Rolled person in history after clicking on a Youtube video 'John McCain mouths the words F*** Y** to Barack Obama' on Thursday. (Link)

Other of his embarrassing Rick Rollings to have been revealed to the world's press include:

Watch Queen Elizabeth II taking a shower, Windsor, June 1976

George W Bush gets zipper stuck while in White House rest room (Security Footage)

Hot gay bedroom romp from the 70s

Olympic legend Michael Phelps hiccup hilarity following smoke from what looks like a Cannabis bong.


A Rick Rolling occurs when a person clicks on a video link only to find 1980's popster Rick Astley singing 'Never Gonna Give You Up' at them.


Have you ever been Rick Rolled?

Sssh. We couldn't care less.

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