Feb 24, 2009
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Results Of '2009 Bankers Movie Awards' For Movies Bankers Watched While They Were Supposed To Be Doing Something Else

And The Winner Is...

The Annual 2009 Bankers Movie Awards was once again hosted by some guy in a pin stripe suit.

The main awards went to:

Best actress playing a Nazi in a motion picture: Kate Winslett, The Reader.

Best lying scheming deceitful bastard in a film who is not a banker: Richard M Nixon in Frost / Nixon.

Best picture of abject poverty on the big screen: Slumdog Millionaire

Best actor playing a role involving a fake or bankrupt profession who is not a banker: Micky Roarke, for The Wrestler

Best supporting actor who died last year: Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight

Most outrageously expensive accounting entries for special effects (debit and credit columns): The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Best actor playing a role of a person bankers would never give a job to in a million years: Sean Penn, for Harvey Milk.



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