Jan 21, 2009
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Fears Grow For World Satire Depression Following Barack Obama Election

Obama Update

World leaders from the satire industry are to meet for an emergency summit next week following the end of the Bush-Cheney era, only days following the inauguration of the new US president Barack Obama.

Fears are growing that the end of the Bush-Cheney era will lead to one of the worst political comedy depressions in living memory.

Early plans for Comedy Central and The Daily Show to pump satire into the market are being considered to avoid the satire depression worsening.

One distraught uninspired satirist told this website:

"Even though Obama sort of fluffed his lines a little bit during the inauguration, I still just can't think of anything funny to write about him. That might change, but at the moment this has all the signs that this is going to be the worst satirical depression we have seen since the great satirical depression of the 1930s. And that was only saved by comedy geniuses Laurel and Hardy."

Speaking of criticising the inauguration, one satirist pointed out that the only thing he thought was funny was the sight of former vice president Dick Cheney in a wheelchair. Even the poet failed to deliver any belly laughs.

Professor of Laughter at the University of Mirth, Helsinki, mused:

"When the history of satire is written, 2000-2008 will go down as a great satirical golden age with George Bush and Dick Cheney at times literally writing the Daily Show themselves. Now it looks like we face a satirical bust not seen in the last 80 years or more - some say this is as bad as the 1930s in the USA, but I think this is worse even than following the Russian Revolution in 1917."


Note: We have been asked to make it clear that's official comedy candidates for the 2008 US presidential election was John McCain and Sarah Palin. George W Bush and Dick Cheney were our comedy candidates in both 2000 and 2004.



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