Jan 12, 2009
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Leslie Nielson Tipped To Play Hero Sully In Movie Of 'Miracle On The Hudson'

Heroic Belly Flop On The Hudson

Breaking Hollywood hero news: Leslie Nielson, the 82 year old white haired comedy actor, who played the accident prone pilot in Airplane 1 and 2, is the top tip to rescue his pilot-acting credibility by starring in a non-comedy big screen version of the remarkable work of Miracle on the Hudson's pilot Sully, we have been assured.

Leslie Nielson
Leslie Nielson
Pilot hero Sully
Pilot hero Sully (Captain Chesley Sullenberger)

Critics suggest that the movie could be Nielson's last chance to end his career on a positive piloting note.

A serving pilot told us:

"Nielson is a joke in piloting circles to this very day, his role as Dr Rumack in Airplane set back piloting by years. There was a time in the 80's when every pilot had to run the gamut of ridicule from passengers when they walked through the airport, some pilots changed into tracksuits and hid their hats to avoid trouble. To this day if anyone calls me Shirley there is no telling what I will do."

Other top tip candidates to play the role of hero Sully include:

    Bruce Willis

    Dennis Haysbert

    George W Bush

    and Kate Winslett

Nobody died, all of them Americans.


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