Dec 14, 2008
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How Did He Miss? We Analyse That President Bush Shoe Throwing Incident

Bush in the firing line (Part 2)
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An Iraqi journalist who took off both of his shoes and then threw them at President Bush, missed him both times we can now report in what is already being lamented as what could possibly have been the last great belly-laugh of the Bush presidency.

A spokesman for laughter told this website:

"Nobody wants to see President Bush being missed by a flying shoe like this. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity that has been missed here."

Shoe shot analysis:

The first shot: The Iraqi journalist has the element of surprise here. This should have been his best shot because he has time to take the shoe off and aim. However he seems to have been so keen to throw the shoe that he just hurled the shoe 'willy-nilly'.

The journalist then removed the second shoe and hurled that one too.

Both shots missed by a similar amount.

Criticism of the shots:

1) Had the Iraqi journalist lowered his shot, George Bush may then have crouched down and then would have been hit in the kisser with the shoe. This would have been the king of all Bushisms.

2) Why didn't the journalist take both shoes off and then throw them? He seems to have removed his shoe, thrown it, removed the other shoe and then thrown that one. What he should have done was remove both shoes and then thrown them - that way he would have had a better chance of hitting Bush with the second shoe because he would have had better balance.

In an after attack interview the journalist is believed to have told our reporter that he removed the Odour Eaters from his shoes before going in to the conference to further maximise the attack. "It was a physical, psychological and smelly shoe attack," he may have said.



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