Dec 16, 2008
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Kumbaya Record Attempt Reaches Fifth Day

Campfire Singsong

Lake Patty Patty, Mi. You join me here five days in to a world record attempt for the longest Kumbaya in history.

Twenty singers of the Kumbaya song sit around this camp fire to sing an endless loop of Kumbaya from 'Someone's praying lord' all the way up to 'Someone's stealing my car lord' and 'Someone's Googling what Kumbaya means lord'.

A person wearing an 'organiser' T-shirt told our reporter:

"It's important to allow people to add to this traditional Christian anthem with new lines. Kumbaya is a living, breathing, growing song. We have a committee waiting to approve new lyrics and we can add them into the record attempt within thirty minutes."

The record attempt is set to continue through the Christmas season and is scheduled to end on 29th December.

By the end of the attempt five thousand singers are expected to have taken part, along with over two hundred thousand tambourine bangs.



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