Dec 3, 2008
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Christmas Appeal 2008: Help For Hard Up Masters Of The Universe

Time to give like there will be no tomorrow... has decided that this year's seasonal appeal will be to help the increasingly hard up Masters of the Universe who have fallen upon hard times for no fault of their own, some in the US car industry even having to offer to work for a dollar a year to keep their jobs in this time of credit famine.

We say: No more!

Let us not forget that it is not just the Masters of the Universe themselves who suffer alone during this time of hardship:

  • Companies selling corporate jets are also suffering.
  • What about the hundreds of high society luxury jewellery shops with nobody for their highly trained elegant staff to serve?
  • Suppliers of fur coats may never be able to eat again.

Where would the world economy be without the Master's solid achievements over the last 10 years?

Remember: Before this period of apocalyptic cataclysmic decline, we had 9 whole years of steady economic growth thanks to their efforts!

Over the last ten years, the Masters of the Universe managed to selflessly make billions for the world economy, the least we can do, in this their time of need, is to give something back to them by giving generously to this years Christmas appeal.

Your donation will make a real difference to help stop rich people suffering at this time of the year.


Update: We are pleased to see that our appeal has started off on a great footing this year, with $2bn already pledged by the Federal Government in the USA.



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