Dec 1, 2008
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'Shoot Apple Off Bush's Head' Website: US Users Now Hit Bush Same As Middle East

Bush in firing line...
Shoot the apple off Bush's head

A US based website that offers a prize to readers who can fire a bow into an apple above George Bush's head has just announced that players of the game in the USA are now hitting the president as many times as their Middle Eastern users, sometimes missing the apple completely 999 times out of 1000, it is claimed.

A spokesman for the website:

"In countries like Iran it has always been rare for users to hit the apple at all. Today, however, is the first time that US visitors to our site have equalled this level of hostility towards the president."

On 1st December 2008, out of about 53,000 US visitors, just 0.004% hit the apple, the same percentage as in Iran for the period 2001-2008.

Some logs indicate that a number of US users fired the bow over 300 times straight into the head of the US president, a first.

The spokesman again:

"The apple hit rate has become so low we are considering changing the name of the game to Hit The Bush With An Apple On His Head."


In other news: The same website is to announce tomorrow that its new game, Shoot The Miniature Hillary Clinton Off Obama's Head, will be released in January.



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