Nov 19, 2008
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Call For All People Who Have Bought Things From Email Spam (4 A Documentary)

Spam Spam Glorious Spam is trying to get into contact with people who have bought or are intending to buy things on the internet after they were approached exclusively through the method of unsolicited email messages.

We're not including any Nigerians whose father has died, or employees of international banks who need your bank account to put the money into, not that sort of spam which is all definitely a rip off.

We are talking about emails offering you Viagra at cheap prices, or any kind of medical procedures, or business ideas to make you rich, that sort of thing.

We are interested in this because we have just received a spam that said that 70% of USA internet users have bought things from unsolicited email spam. We just don't believe it, but if they are right we would love to make a documentary on these people. It would be hilarious.

Depending on the response we intend to make a straight to internet documentary featuring views from these people.

Questions we will ask include:

When (/if) you received the items, were they the spam-advertised things you expected?

Did anything else strange happen in your bank account after your bought the items?

Did you have to call the police? FBI? United Nations? at any time?

Or are we being too cynical and it all went just peachy and you would recommend replying to spam email from people you have never heard of working for companies that you have never heard of in countries you have never heard of before?


Legal notice will read all emails but reserves the right to use only either the sexiest, stupidest or funniest people, if any at all. The documentary, if it is decided to make it, will not necessarily attempt to offer viewers a balanced view, and those who take part may suffer public humiliation because of it. If you take part in this documentary you do so at your own risk and and its documentary arm ( Cayman Islands Inc) will demand that you sign a full release prior to filming of the documentary. We may require you to undergo lie detection, psychological analysis and electric shock therapy to satisfy ourselves of your genuineness. Owners of spam email marketing companies should not apply because your email will be automatically shredded by our spam filters.

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