Nov 7, 2008
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Campaign: Let's Force Banks To Pay Borrowers For Loans

Comedy Capitalism today begins its biggest campaign of the millennium so far as we aim to force banks to pay us for taking out loans from them.

We demand that in return for the substantial amounts of public money going into the banks, that the banks reciprocate by offering us, the people, negative interest rates to everyone who has or wants a loan.

This means quite simply that the banks will encourage us to take out loans to keep economic growth going, by paying us interest on loans given to us, and not keep it for their greedy selves.

Ill-informed critics of our campaign may say that banks have never in the history of the world charged negative interest rates and that it makes no sense. But we say these are extraordinary times and demand extraordinary solutions!

Interest rates in the USA are the closest they have been to 0% in history: a -1% interest rate is only 1% below 0%. The authorities have reduced interest rates this much before (and even by more than this) so historically there's no reason they can't do it!

Join our campaign today. Put one of our bumper stickers on your car (or on someone else's car if the greedy bankers won't give you a loan).

Remember kind folks: A $100,000 debt with a negative interest rate of -1% would mean that the banks pay you $1000 a year, -2% is $2000 a year and so on...

Get your free car bumper stickers here:
Negative interest rates for all
Don't be a Banker, pay us for loans
Give us negative interest rates NOW!


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