Nov 24, 2008
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Tips For Those Trying To Lose Weight At This The Most Difficult Time Of The Year

How To Lose Weight Without Really Trying is here for everyone thinking of embarking on a diet at this gift giving time of the year..

Here our experts give exclusive tips on how to lose weight...

Harry Meedsden, Circus Artist

"Oh, don't bother trying to diet this time of year. Eat as much chocolate cake as you can, drink as much as you can, worry about losing weight in the new year.

And while you are waiting for the new year, why not try my $29.99 super deluxe Winter Chocolate Cake available online and in all good specialist chocolate cake stores."

Jerry Sprinkler, Radio Talk Show Host

"The trick of losing weight is very easy. Eat a bit less, do a bit more exercise. Then over time build up this routine until you start to lose weight. Keep on doing this until you reach the desired weight. (This could take years to achieve.)

If you feel like you just have to do something about your weight at once, I am happy to say that I have a $29.95 work out DVD you might be interested in..."

Hug Tharsden, Bodybuilder

"I workout 6 days out of every 7, and on the seventh day I spend all day admiring myself in the mirror. Anyone can have a body like mine all you have to do is apply yourself.

For more details of how great I look, I have a premium rate number 0898 ...."

Gramps Rusky, Organic Farmer

"I may look about 87 years of age, but in fact I am well over 110. I put this down to my patent pending combination of sit-ups and vitamin and mineral tablets available from my website at only $56.99 for a complete years course. Buy today for a great looking tomorrow!"

Harry Baldicoot, Retired retirement consultant

"I hate fat people, I hate skinny people, but most of all I hate people who are not happy with the way that they are. If you are not happy with your weight then do something about it!

Read my book "I Hate Everybody, Let Me Tell You Why" available in all good dollar stores."


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