Oct 20, 2008
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Sarah Palin To Withdraw From White House Race

Palin To Walk

Sarah Palin, Republican Party vice presidential candidate, is believed to be about to announce that she is to step down from the race for the White House after a series of humiliating slip-ups.

Her appearance on Saturday Night Live at the weekend is thought to have made her realise the error of agreeing to run as VP candidate.


As viewers of the clip, above, can see, after rehearsing for two full days for the final song and dance, Palin withdrew at the last minute. A regular on the show had to perform her final number at the last minute.

Sources close to Palin say her confidence has been shattered and she can't go on.

She is reported to have told a confident after the show:

"It is now the time that I am able to say that this is the end. Well now is. I think. Don't you? Yes."

Her resignation from the race at this late stage will inevitably cause problems for John McCain who is expected to temporarily suspend his campaign again so that he can rush to Washington to sort it out.

John McCain still doesn't know how to answer a cell phone when we called him last night.



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