Oct 15, 2008
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John McCain To Bake Cake For Final Presidential Debate

McCain cake

CakeJohn McCain is baking a cake for tonight's debate with Barack Obama, we have just discovered.

This is just the latest sign of a more conciliatory tone coming out of the McCain camp in spite of pressure from some of his supporters to be more aggressive.

McCain told reporters:

"It will be a nice cake, I've just put it in the oven. I'm having a bit of a clean up now. Then I've got to get the cream and strawberry jam ready for when the cake is out of the oven and after I have cooled it for about an hour or so. Yes, I think that will be a nice gesture at this stage of the campaign."

A republican cake maker, Joilene Bratleshaft, told this website:

"This is John's attempt at reconciliation, he's done this before. John likes nothing better than a nice piece of cake and a coffee. It's a nice thought - it's what we do in the republican party when we're not invading countries that can't fight back, and destroying banks."



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