Oct 17, 2008
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Joe's Not A Plumber, An Apology

Sam The Man

Apology: In an earlier article, may have given the impression that Joe The Plumber was both a plumber and named Joe. We would like to take this opportunity to apologise for these errors.

The Joe to which we were referring, and to whom both John McCain and Barack Obama referred in their final debate, is in fact called Samuel Wurzelbacher and he does not have a license to work as a plumber.

Our earlier article may also have given the impression that Sam Who's Not A Plumber But Who Works For A Plumber earned over $250,000. He doesn't do that either.

Sam Not A Plumber also has a full head of hair and votes Independent.

Reader comments:

GF, Frankfurt: So what that he's not a plumber, he works for a plumber. I work for a bank: that doesn't make me a banker.

SD, Barcelona: Both of the US presidential candidates have proved what fools they both are after having been taken in by this man. I suppose it's too late now to chose another two?

FE, Smallville: At last a baldie on American television who isn't either a wrestler or a bad guy. Well done Sam Not A Plumber, keep up the good work.


In other news:

Alaskan Moose's for Barack Obama, a Democrat campaign group, are helping police with their enquiries after an incident that lead to two members suffering minor flesh wounds. Alaskan Moose Hunters For Sarah Palin have denied any responsibility.



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