Sept 9, 2008
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Get Your Pit Bull With Lipstick Doggie Chew US Presidential Election Souvenir Here!

Growl Grrrr chew squeak!

Now you can join in the celebration that is this years US presidential election by buying the souvenir that will give you, your family and your dog, hours of fun!!!

The realistic looking but very very small Pit Bull With Lipstick stands 3 inches high and 4 inches nose to very short but muscly tail.

Pit Bull With Lipstick:
Pit Bull With Lipstick

Made out of an environmentally friendly squeezable plastic, the Pit Bull With Lipstick squeaks when you squeeze it making it suitable for playing with in the bath, or in the swimming pool, as well as to throw to your dog!

A spokesperson for the manufacturers, Squeaky Chewy Bath Time Fun Dog Stuff Inc, Josh Jeremy, said:

"At last a US presidential election souvenir the whole family and its dog can enjoy. The Pit Bull With Lipstick will be popular with Republicans looking to celebrate Sarah Palin's arrival on the scene, all Hillary Clinton loving Democrats who love dogs, and independents who don't have anything else to do with their time. Let your recession zing with the sound of a happy family with a Pit Bull With Lipstick."

Testimonials from satisfied customers:

"Happy is not the word, I am ecstatic! I haven't seen Rover this happy since I bought him the John Kerry Troll doll in 2004." F.K. New York.

"The pinnacle of squeezy doggie chewiness!!! Remarkable, and it arrived within hours! Down Boy!!!" G.Y Indiana.

"I thought I was a Barack Obama supporter through and through but after purchasing my first Pit Bull With Lipstick doggie chew I am considering changing my vote!" H.W, Minnesota.

"Amazing! Do you do a field dressed moose doggie chew too? If you do send me one immediately!" J. McJ. Glasgow.



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