Sept 8, 2008
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'Does America's Fannie Look Big In This?' And Other Finance Headlines

Financial Headline Entertainment

As the Federal Reserve move to publicly support Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, we help out by making up the rudest Fannie headlines we can come up with...

Middle Aged Womans Fitness Magazine

Does America's Fannie Look Big In This?

It was about time that America's biggest Fannie got some support... The nation, whose collective fanny's are now some of the biggest in the world....

Smells Of The Rich And

What's That Strange Smell Coming From America's Fannie?

For the last few years a pungent smell has been building from America's largest Fannie. But yesterday the Federal Reserve moved to lance the boil and take the Fannie into its own hands...

Anyone But Bush

Bush Finally Stops Fannying Around With Fannie

Rumours have been in the market since late last year. Fannie Mae is in trouble and needs all the help the old dear can get. Yesterday the Federal Reserve announced a support package for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac...

Pro Wrestling News, Finance Special

Fannie Falls Flat On Her Fanny

Fannie Mae was slammed to the ground by a high wire clothes line yesterday, and she will be down on the canvass for the next two years at least under the latest rescue package offered to the mortgage guarantor yesterday...

Food and Finance
The Shrinking Of A Big Mac

America's second largest mortgage guarantor, Freddie Mac, was rescued last night along with his big sister Fannie Mae. Freddie and Fannie are both set to get smaller by 10% each year from 2010 under the proposals...



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