Sept 26, 2008
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Brawl In The White House - McCain And Bush In 'Scuffles'

Finance Crisis Update

John McCain put his fists out in front of his chest and said "Stick em up" to George W Bush at yesterday's meeting to discuss the financial crisis, we can now report.

A livid George Bush took off his jacket, loosened his tie and said "This sucker's going down" before pacing towards McCain.

Barack Obama, also at the meeting, is reported to have shouted "Do it!"

It was left to Nancy Pelosi to pull the two apart.

Other incidents that happened during the meeting:

Hank Paulson got down on one knee and proposed marriage to Nancy Pelosi.

Dick Cheney confirmed he has shot at Sasquatch when out hunting in New York state last week.

George Bush delayed his afternoon nap until the third hour of the four hour meeting.

The coffee served at the White House crisis meeting was 'very good'.


In other news: George Bush has been voted worst US president of the 21st century even though there are still 92 years to go, by a website.

Did you know: $700bn is equivalent to $7,300 for every US tax payer.

Did you know 2: If John McCain doesn't turn up to the presidential candidate debate tonight he will be referred to as 'Only One Thing At A Time McCain' by some Democrats.


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