Aug 20, 2008
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Barack Obama 'Too Old' To Be President, According To Reverse Age© Analysis

Exclusive US Presidential Analysis
Fox News logoAn expert in presidential candidate ages backwards on 'What The Fox Is Happening?', Fox News, Angela Dredkin, has said that Barack Obama, if his age is reversed using her reverse age© analysis so that his 47 years reads 74, is far too old to be president.

Using the same analysis, Dredkin reveals that John McCain will be only 27 years old at the time of the elections, a much more younger, more vibrant, 'go-getty', age.

Dredkin was widely ignored when she used her analysis in the US presidential campaign in 2004, but she correctly predicted the outcome using her patent soon to be applied for technique.

In 2004 she said that Democrat candidate John Kerry, who would have been only 6 years of age during the campaign using his reverse age, was far too young to be president. (Kerry was 60 years of age during the campaign in 2004, but he would have been 61 at the time of taking the oath of office as his birthday is 11 December 1943.)

6 year old John Kerry eventually lost to George W Bush who would have been 85.


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