Aug 4, 2008
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MTV Accidentally Sends MP3 With All Deleted Expletives For Last 13 Years To Woman, 89

Music Video Horror

A well known music television channel has apologized to a Ms Josephine Coschina after it accidentally sent her all the deleted expletives it had beeped out of music videos for the last 13 years.

old ladyThe mp3 file which is believed to have been over 200MB big, contained over half a million f-words and 700 million 'ass's', it is estimated, amongst other words, from stars such as Eminem, Nickelback, Snoop Dog and Lisa Minnelli.

Speaking to our reporter, Ms Coschina gave her reaction on hearing the audio file:

"I haven't been surfing the web for very long, is this sort of thing normal? I clicked it off as soon as I could find the stop button. I accidentally pressed the fast forward button at first.

At normal speed I don't really think it was much worse than an episode of The Wire, so no harm done young man."

All television companies have to keep copies of all the swear words they remove from movies and television programs in the event that the authorities ask to hear them.


In other news: The CIA have been experimenting with a piece of anti terror software that would automatically insert expletives into terrorist videos to undermine confidence amongst their followers.


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