Aug 12, 2008
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Fears That John McCain's Arms Might Lock During Two Hand 'Over The Head' Wave

McCain Pain

Fears are growing that John McCain's arms might lock in place above his head when he waves to his supporters during the upcoming presidential election, we can now reveal.

This following an incident in which McCain's arms had to be lowered with the injection of a drug to his spine.

John McCain has been told never to wave with both hands in the air because of fears that locking could happen in public. However he sometimes forgets, leaving himself open to a painful, albeit funny, hands in the air problem.

Rare picture: McCain in agony as both arms go above his head all of a sudden. If his arms were to lock in this position he would have to walk off stage like this, undermining his authority by over 23.7%.
Rare picture of John McCain arms in air

John McCain has practiced walking sideways with both arms in the air to prepare himself for an arm locking incident while in public.

It is believed a war wound is to blame for the problem.


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