Aug 13, 2008
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"I Just Feel Awful About Posting This... But Here It Is Anyway"

Svetlana Tsarukaeva, Russia

Oh, you know silly old me. I don't want to be horrid, but it's just when you see something funny you just have to laugh, don't you? Or is it just me? Oh I don't know any more.

I mean, take the Olympics for example. They spend so much time preparing don't they? The athletes! Oh, it's just amazing what they do: the commitment, the sacrifice, and then something awful happens. It's tragic, yes, that's what it is, tragic, with a slice of comedy added in.

Well, now, please, don't think badly about me posting this, I just, well, my editor made me post it, uhm, and my sound editor made me put all the boingy sound in too.

This poor lady, Russian wasn't she? Horribly distressed and she bangs her head like that... Well, I suppose you can click away if you really don't want to see it.

Oh well, you've twisted my arm now, here it is then.

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