Aug 26 , 2008
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Denver: Hillary Clinton "Will Never" Concede Barack Obama Can Answer Phone At 3am

Hillary Clinton looks tired

Tuesday 26th August: Negotiations late into the night last night here in Denver have not led to the expected climbdown from the Clinton camp.

"Hopes that Hillary Clinton could be persuaded to admit in front of thousands of her supporters that Barack Obama is now capable of answering the phone when it rings at 3am in the White House, ending months of indecision within the Democratic Party, seem to be further away than ever," according to our reporter standing outside the room in which the negotiations were believed to be taking place.

The '3am concession', which had been hoped for at the convention tonight, was expected to be received in the style of that ointment that stings like hell when you pour it on a wound but is good for the wound after the initial yelling and shouting and screaming and jumping about.

But the admission now seems improbable, with the most that can be expected from Clinton being that she calls on her supporters to give Obama their 'support'.

In heated behind the scenes exchanges in return for her admission of Obama's newly acquired telephone skills, Clinton is thought to be holding out for the $10 he promised for her campaign debts, which Clinton says she still hasn't received.


In other news, Barack Obama continues to rehearse for his Frank Sinatra closing number at the end of Thursday's acceptance speech.

Barack Obama smoking


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