July 13 , 2008
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'The Smoking Nostalgia Channel' Launches Today

Healthy Smoking

A new television channel launches today aiming to celebrate smoking back in more innocent times when it was the healthy and the outdoorsy thing to do.

Editor in chief of the new channel, Thomas Dion, told our reporter:

"Enough has been said about cancers, passive smoking, lung disease, I could go on but I wont. Here at The Smoking Nostalgia Channel we will be celebrating a time when smoking was good for you, it really was cool and only the right kind of people you wanted to be like did it."

Commercials like this one will appear on The Smoking Nostalgia Channel when it launches at 7pm today:

Launch in external player ('Right Click' HERE then 'Save Target As' to download to your hard disk)

This is a spoof story, but the television ad is genuine. For more unintentionally funny videos go to our site [link]


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