July 22, 2008
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World Exclusive: Barack Obama Can Fly Through The Air Like That Guy On Heroes

The Obama Joke Everyone Has Been Waiting For

Barack Obama has a secret so potentially joke filled that his campaign team have striven to keep it a secret from the world's media.

Barack Obama
Barack Obama can fly

But conspiracy bashing website can reveal exclusively today that Barack Obama can fly unaided through the air just like that guy in season one of Heroes (that guy might be in later seasons for all we know - we stopped watching it after the first one).

Democratic Party presidential candidate Barack Obama, who it was thought could not be joked about because anything anyone says about him is either racist, pro-Bushist or just not funny, had kept his flying through the air ability a secret fearing that people will make jokes about it.

Before his flying unaided through the air like Superman ability was known, satirists and reporters had been at their wits end thinking of Obama jokes but could think up nothing politically correct enough.

Now Obama jokes are expected to come in faster than a speeding bullet.

It is not known if he has to put his underpants on over his suit to fly, although this is thought to be unlikely but is a further sign of how funny this is going to get.

A bystander told this website:

"I don't think there is anything wrong with having a future president who nobody is allowed to joke about because they fear the joke is racist, we have just lived through 8 years of fearing that joking about a president makes you a terrorist.

Being a racist is better than being a terrorist isn't it? Oh my goodness what have I just said? Sorry to anyone offended by that last remark."

Will Smith, future Barack Obama Oscar nominee, couldn't think of anything funny to say when we called him for a comment last night.


Meanwhile in other US election news: Zimmer frame manufacturer Sturdy Oldies Inc is to name its latest walking aid a John McCain when it appears in the shops in October.



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