May 13, 2008
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New 'Blow' In Campaign For Equal Women Topless Rights With Men

Modern Day Acceptable Segregation

The Breasts Across The World campaign, an attempt to obtain for women equal toplessness rights with men, was dealt a new blow last night after its female joint founder was sent to prison for walking topless in public.

According to an expert we phoned last night:

"Topless women are illegal!"

This 'legal segregation', where men can walk topless but women cannot walk topless in the same public place, is mostly tolerated and anyone who wants to change the law is seen as 'pervy', 'unable to get his own girlfriend' or 'too tight to pay for his own porn'.

An expert in Clothing Studies, Professor Unruly, told this website:

"It's perfectly true that if a topless husband and a topless wife walked hand-in-hand through a public park together the woman could get arrested under public order offenses, but the man would not be. This is an example of modern day segregation and anyone who says anything about it is just looked down upon as being a dirty ogler."

A woman with her clothes on told our reporter:

"Topless women are, in the main, seen as exhibitionists or posers by other women, especially if they have pert or beautiful breasts. They can do what they want in the privacy of their own bedrooms, but not where children or the infirm can see them."

Hillary and James Smith of Nutsandyville started the Breasts Across The World campaign from their garage office.

The married couple planned a campaign of walking hand-in-hand together topless to make a point that women are being discriminated against. This will now have to stop as Hillary serves her 6 month prison sentence for 'unruly exposure of her breasts'.

Hillary told our reporter:

"I don't want to walk naked in public, I just want equal rights with men to walk topless in public, what is the problem? I wear clothes like normal women, I just want equality on a nice sunny day to walk topless, does that make me a bad person?"


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