May 12, 2008
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Summer Straight To Bargain Basement DVD Blockbusters You Don't Want To Miss...

Bargain Store Bargains

To help you plan your summer DVD impulse buying decisions, here are the best of this seasons summer straight to bargain basement DVDs:

The Ironing Man: Shaun Downey Jr stars in this 1920's comic intended-to-be-on-the-big-screen live action extravaganza. Many critics are saying this is Shaun Downey Jrs best role to date, which isn't saying much as all his other movies have never been released (two of them were even destroyed in controlled explosions by the studio).

Tales Of The Narnies: Narnies = bananas. Under thought out animated movie in which the Narnies take over the fruit shop when its owner Monsieur Pamplemouse goes into hospital. This is a strange movie in which the animated fruit all vie with each other to sell themselves - is this a polemic against modern working life or have the writers really no idea what they are writing about? Your guess is as good as ours.

The Revenge Of The Writers Strike: If there aren't any good movies out this summer you only have the writers strike to blame - that's the basis for this romantic comedy. The movie, such as it is, stars Jock Smith and Sally McSugar from Australia's Sunday Night Live. If you ever wondered what a movie looks like with no writers involved at all, and just the actors, producers and scenery painters doing their best work to help thwart industrial action from the wordsmiths, this is the straight to bargain basement DVD treat you have been looking for...

Make Me President Or I Break Ya Face: A gangsta comedy in which One Dollar, the famous rap star, attempts to run for the White House with just his homies and a car stealing business for financing. He's gonna lose, it's just how many hilarious situations can they get into before they realise it... Is to be heavily promoted in dollar shops around US election time, and it comes with a free can of supermarket cola too...

Ultimate Ultimatum II: Zak Charles reprises his role as Harry Zorg the stranded alien from another planet who since his first outing in Ultimate Ultimatum has been forced to return undercover as a world class fish rassler. With King of the Dolphins, Michela, set to wreak havok on an American city of her choosing, the only way to save millions of lives is to give her an ultimatum no chick can refuse.



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