May 26, 2008
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'Tortoise Found On Mars', And Other New Conspiracy Books

Conspiracy Controversy

Pictures of a pebbly, rocky but flat, Marsian surface have been computer generated by CGI experts in NASA and have been released to the world to justify the expense of the project that exploded after a malfunction soon after takeoff... that's just one of the conspiracies discussed at length in the latest conspiracy books on the NASA Phoenix Mars landing, the best are summarized below:

More Mars Myths, spoof book More Mars Myths, by Dr Moses Atrophy. Conspiracy Channel's roving cynic explains how NASA faked the Phoenix Mars lander pictures. Atrophy's book includes interviews from those actually responsible for the deception. Other chapters include: how NASA has already sent a dog to Mars but because of the bad publicity never told anybody about it... why does it take a spaceship 9 months to get to Mars when Atrophy's team did it in 6 weeks?... and, now that there is a dog living on Mars, why it won't be another 20 years until a man gets up there. 1456 pages (Puffing Books).
If they faked It would They tell Us? Spoof book If They Faked It Would They Tell Us? by Ban Ki Uranus. Coffee table sized edition explaining why NASA wouldn't tell us if they had faked it anyway. 75 pages (Roundhouse Publishing)
Tortoise Found On Mars, spoof book Tortoise Found On Mars discusses the probability that the 'rocks' in the latest Mars lander pictures are in fact not rocks at all and are in fact tortoises in their shells. 235 pages (Naked Weekly Publishing)
Heck This Really Does Look Like Nevada, spoof book Are the pictures of the latest NASA probe lander actually pictures of Nevada? Professor Beniotres Betros Berto Gallez from the University of Ouzo, shows us his evidence. 326 pages (Cursing Books)



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