May 18, 2008
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Choice Quotes From Reviews Of Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of the Crystal Skull

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A collection of the best quotes from reviews we have seen of the new Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.

Caracas Playboy: "65 year old Harrison Ford dispenses with his free bus pass to smash evil once again."

Old Age Today Magazine: "Harrison Ford makes 65 into the new 35."

Recipe Of The Day Weekly: "Let our ice sculpture experts show you how to make a life size replica Crystal Skull in under 3 hours, with the free ice chisel included inside."

Bodybuilder Supplements Magazine: "Harrison Ford once again fails to deliver any muscle of note, rarely improving on 'sinewy' in this movie. Has the guy ever even heard of a pec deck? Me thinks not!"

The Hungry Heffer Restaurants Menu: "$3.99 Indiana Jones Crystal Skull Nuggets Meal."

Unauthorized Unofficial Oprah Magazine: "Harrison Ford couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag."

Throw A Tomato-In-the-Mouth Cinema Reviews: "Five tomatoes for Spielberg for this formulaic garbage. Has the man no shame? "

Al Qaida Monthly: "Harrison Ford deserves a Fatwa on all his houses."

Celebrity Torture Magazine: "It's four thumb screws for everyone involved with Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of the Crystal Skull, one each for Spielberg, Lucas, Ford and the art director."

Poland Today: "Hary Ksgfhdfghsj reprises his voice talent role as he dubs Indiana Jones once more. Would Indiana Jones be the same in Poland voiced by any other artist? Me thinks not."

Jane's Bombing Weekly: "Not enough bombs, a disappointment."

World War Two Magazine: "Some marvelous cartoon Nazi's once again. Ve hev Vays Of Mekking Yoo Talk! Peachy! Love it!!!"

Rollercoaster Monthly: "A straight to rollercoaster movie if ever there was one. The movie ducks and dives and weaves and spins like no other movie today. Harrison Ford is an amazing driver."



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