May 28, 2008
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Hillary Clinton Withdraws From Campaign, An Apology

Hillary's Campaign Ends? would like to apologize a little for a report that we ran earlier this morning in which we exclusively revealed that Hillary Clinton has withdrawn from her fight with Barack Obama for Democratic presidential candidate.

Hillary ClintonIn the report we claimed that the former first lady "had told reporters that, following her announcement, she wanted to spend time with her husband and Chelsea to 'consider her options'.

During her withdrawal speech, Clinton screamed hysterically in tears as she clung to the podium taking deep, sobby, breaths and occasionally broke off from her prepared script to ask those around her what she had done to deserve this.

Washington sources had believed for weeks that the only way that Clinton would ever agree to withdraw from the race were if she were heavily drugged and hypnotized. In the event her withdrawal speech was marred only by slurred speech and the smell of liquor on her breath."

We now accept that whilst every single word of our story is theoretically possible, we published it far too soon and that her actual withdrawal from the race has yet to be officially announced.


A further apology: Our headline from last Saturday Hillary Clinton: It's Not Over Till The Fat Lady Sings, did not intend to give the impression that Hillary Clinton is overweight. We are happy to make this clear.



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