April 28, 2008
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I Know How To Stop Simon Cowell Talking, Let Me Show You How...

Oi, Cowell, Shut Up!

For only a reasonably small recession resistant payment of $19.99 I can show you how to take control of Simon Cowell.

Yes, you read that right.

My soon to become world famous tried and tested techniques can stop Simon Cowell mid-sentence, make him leave the room, and in some instances even make him lick his own balls.

Hello! My name is Doctor Billicks, I am a professional dog trainer and I have also been studying Simon Cowell for the last 20 years.

If you decide to order my about to become world famous Simon Cowell silencing technique today, you will also receive two bonus publications, 'How To Dress Like Simon Cowell In The Dark', and 'I Can Show You How To Use These Simon Cowell Shutting Up Techniques In The Supermarket, Bus Or Cinema."

Learn the 10 secrets of how to stop Simon Cowell ripping you or a loved one apart in my simple, proven, 5 steps to a quiet Cowell, which is patiently pending a patent pending.

Let me show you how you can deflect Simon Cowell's rays of negativity into a vase of flowers.

Mind control techniques that will make him say you can sing when you can't.

Five simple words that when uttered in the right order will make Simon Cowell question his own judgment and give you the benefit of the doubt!

Learn to live without the threat of The Cowell and the ever growing number of Cowell clones in the media today, for only $19.99...

Oi Cowell Shut Up!


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