April 15, 2008
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How To Sign "Aaarggghhhhh!" For Your Deaf Friends (With Video Goodness)

Treasure Island Video Clip

Impress your new deaf friends with your first piece of sign language!

As part of our service to the deaf community, in association with a clip taken from Walt Disney's Treasure Island, can now reveal the correct way to sign "Aaaarrggghhhhhh!" for deaf people.

What you do is scrunch your face up, mouth the words Aaarrrgghhhhh! and clench your fist...

Treasure Island (c) Walt Disney
Launch in external player ('Right Click' HERE then 'Save Target As' to download to your hard disk)


If you clicked on this story to find out how to sign "Aaargggghhhh Me Hearties" or even "Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Rum", sorry, but we don't know how to sign that...


Clip copyright Walt Disney Corporation, from the movie Treasure Island. Used here under fair use terms, criticism.


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