April 22, 2008
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Van Gogh Joins Our Gallery Of Postage Stamp Size Art

No Effort Art In A Trice!

Today we welcome Van Gogh to our gallery of postage stamp size art on the internet.

Need your art fix in an instant? Look no further.

Here we have some of Van Gogh's all time classic hits all on one page....

Starting off with this postage stamp size self portrait. Look at that red beard!
Or what about this classic... rich yellow blob and purples in Van Gogh's popular-on-a-poster star lit cafe...
Take in the overwhelming yellows in this postage stamp size version of Van Gogh's Sunflowers! Yes, it's small, but amazingly you can still tell what it is!
Transport yourself to the postage stamp sized Rhone in this starry night!
Yellow blob on brown!
Stick man walking in sunny field!
Yellow blob under dark blue blob!
Red hoop in yellow!


Coming soon...

Postage stamp sized David, Michelangelo's classic sculpture.
Postage stamp size Sistine Chapel! Yes, the whole ceiling on one stamp! How do they do it?



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