April 22, 2008
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EXCLUSIVE: 34th 'Largest' Man In World Catches 'It' In Zipper

Real Life When Harry Met Sally

Just when men around the world thought it was safe to do their zippers up, disaster struck.

Ben Jaccobsen of Milwakee Pennsylvania, Texas, only went into the 'can' for a 'quick one'.

But little did he expect that his 'moment of relief' would lead to four nights in hospital and an upcoming appearance on Oprah.

The warning signs were there for Ben, 32, in the hit movie When Harry Met Sally. In that movie a character, played by another Ben, Ben Stiller, pulls at his fly and catches his 'hows your father' to hilarity all round.

But Stiller, for all his excellent comedic skills, doesn't have the 'bathroom presence' that Jaccobsen, four time winner of The Biggest 'Hmmm Hmmm' In Texas, does.

Jaccobsen takes up the story:

"At first I felt a red hot heat at the base of my 'you know what' but continued pulling none-the-less, I'm a sporty guy and a little pain is not a barrier to doing something.

But the pain got a whole lot worse as I went on, so I eventually stopped about three quarters of the way up after a good deal of screaming, panting and sweating.

Then I looked down and to my surprise it looked exactly in every detail like it did in the movie."

Jaccobsen, who will have to wear a 20 inch long plaster on his 'oooh sir' for the next three months is philosophical about his accident:

"Life must go on. It just so happens that they showed When Harry Met Sally at the hospital just after my operation. I didn't at first want to laugh but eventually I joined in because people started asking awkward questions."

*Article edited for PG rating.


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