April 25, 2008
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Survey: Morbidly Obese "Come Out For" (Stay In Bed For) Barack Obama

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Barack Obama may have lost Pennsylvania, but we have good news for the Senator in a survey carried out exclusively for this website.

In our telephone survey of the morbidly obese, carried out 19th-23rd April 2008, an overwhelming majority said they are more likely to vote for Obama than for Hillary Clinton, that's assuming they can get out of their homes to vote.

Obama's strength in the obese vote was a considerable influence in his Iowa win.

In our survey, the morbidly obese criticized Hillary Clinton for her 'buff, just out of the gym' physique, and, whilst Barack Obama is also judged to be 'fit looking' by 60% of the 30%+ body fat demographic, he benefited from the perception that he was 'least likely of all the candidates to bring out an exercise DVD'.

The anti-exercise DVD demographic is an increasingly important one in the 20% and over overweight category.

This is the first time that obese Democrats have been asked how they intended to vote.


In related election news:

Senator John McCain was abducted by aliens and held against his will on a UFO for 5 hours, according to an email we received last Thursday.


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