Mar 26, 2008
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"I Would Have Shot At Hillary Clinton Had She Asked," Bosnian Sniper Tells VOR

Bosnian Bozo

Hillary Clinton's claims that she was shot at by snipers on arrival at Tuzla Airport, Bosnia, in March 1996, has since been proven to be a pack of 'misstatements'.

But it could all have been so different, according to one eagle-eyed reader.

Mdenksk Mdanka, 45, was a fighter in the conflict, and has told our reporter that, had he known the former first lady wanted to be shot at when she arrived, he would have made a 'better effort to oblige'.

"I knew when she was arriving, I suppose I could have got off my ass and taken a few shots. It's a thing we like to do for tourists, to give them a story to take home to their mates down the pub or for future political campaigns."

But, as it happened, Mdanka drank cans of beer until he could barely walk to the bathroom. No Americans died.


Apology: Our earlier claims that Barack Obama can 'fart and whistle at the same time' were not verified by Ted Kennedy as our earlier report claimed, and no similar verification for this talent has been obtained at the time of going to press.

Apology: John McCain does not have 'a mouth the size of a large melon' as we mistakenly reported last week. We are happy to retract the allegation, and make a small donation to a vegetable charity in Des Moines.


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