Feb 29, 2008
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Rude 'Penis Man' Caption Competition Offends Many (Latest Entries)

Cocktastrophy has been condemned by many international peace organizations after it published a picture as part of its regular caption competition feature, below, in which an Indonesian man is showing off three wooden penises (ed: should that be peni?)

We asked our readers for their suggestions as to the caption that would best suit the photograph. Our readers' suggestions are below the picture.

Man with three penises


Man with three cocks arrested on terror charges

I've heard of a stiff upper lip, but this is ridiculous

Man is saying: "I used up 34 pieces of sandpaper making these smooth to the touch."

Magician is saying: "Pick a penis, any penis and remember what it looks like, but don't tell me which one you choose."

Man is saying: "They told me filing these would make me go blind, so I decided to do it until I needed glasses."

Man is saying: "No, these aren't penises they are fire pokers."


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