Feb 19, 2008
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Plagiarism Row Obama Decides Not To Tell Anyone About His Dream

"I Don't Have Any Dream Of Consequence"

Following the plagiarism row in which Barack Obama quoted a fellow Democrat, Deval Patrick, without crediting him with the quotation, we have discovered that the Obama campaign has persuaded their candidate not to include any of the dreams he has reportedly been having, to avoid similar embarrassment.

Colleagues close to Obama have confided in this web site that the candidate has had a large number of dreams, none of which are as good as the one Martin Luther King had:

The top five Obama dreams are:

1) Obama falls down a well and when he hits the bottom a cuddly stuffed rabbit falls on his head and leads him to safety.

2) Obama (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) is followed around by a giant rabbit who seems to know something he is not telling him.

3) Obama addresses the Democratic convention naked.

4) Obama addresses the Republican convention fully clothed, but the whole audience is naked.

5) Obama jumps into a swimming pool to save a drowning woman who he pulls to the edge of the pool only to discover that it is Hillary Clinton. Clinton then regains consciousness and kicks him back into the swimming pool with the words, "You are skinny, but you don't seem to be very tough my good man..."


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