Feb 17, 2008
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China Olympics To Open With 'Exact Replica' Of Los Angeles 1984 Ceremony

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The opening ceremony at the Beijing 2008 Olympics is to be virtually the exact same in every single detail as the opening ceremony used in Los Angeles 1984 except that it will be much much cheaper, we can now reveal.

This shocking revelation was contained in an e-mail that was sent secretly by our sources inside China last week following the sudden departure of Steven Spielberg as Olympics opening ceremony coordinator.

The two incidents are not thought to be related, but we decided to wait to report the e-mail until Spielberg was safely out of the country.

The e-mail shows that nobody will be paid for performing in the opening ceremony, and that the music used will be 'recycled from old John Williams scored movies.'

A spokesman told this web site:

"The 2008 Olympics is an opportunity for the Peoples Republic of China to show the world that we can do anything anyone else can do but much cheaper, under budget and exactly right on time.

"Most people weren't paid for performing in the LA opening ceremony any way, they do it for the honor of being part of the greatest show on earth. Here in China we pay even less than that and I haven't heard anyone complaining about it."


Youtube link to movie of the LA opening ceremony set to be duplicated in Beijing in August this year


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