Feb 7, 2008
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More Barack Obama Poems (Including The Juicy Peach)

Poet and Knows It has managed to get hold of more early poems from presidential hopeful Barack Obama and we are publishing them exclusively here today for the very first time.

I wasn't talking back! (Age 10)
Answering back, I wasn't.
Next time bite my tongue I shall.
One day you'll be sorry
When I'm Yoda.
Fantasy Island (age 10)
I wave my arms
and think of screaming "Eeets da plane, Monsieur Roarke!",
"Da plane?"
But nobody listens to me, either,
coz I'm too little, just like Tattoo.
The Juicy Peach (age 9)
I bite into a peach,
Juice drips down my chin.
I try to lick my chin with my tongue,
but it isn't long enough.
Somebody should do something about that.
First Love (age 11)
I look in her direction, as she talks to her friends.
Hillary doesn't even notice me.
Whoa is me. Oh whoa.
WhatamIsupposed to do?
Being Grounded, AGAIN! (age 12)
It wasn't me that knocked the vase,
over on the floor.
I jokingly told you not to cry over spilt milk
but you didn't see the joke and you grounded me.

If you discover a Barack Obama poem, send em in here...


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