Jan 8, 2008
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Barack Obama Team In Crisis As George W Bush Lends Him 'Full Support'

Obama Slammer

Hillary Clinton was handed a lifeline last night after George W Bush came out firmly on the side of Barack Obama.

"This could be Hillary's last chance!!!", screamed one commentator against the roar of a crashing waterfall here in New Hampshire, last night.

A website claimed that George W Bush referred to Obama as 'the leading light of his generation', 'an incredible man', 'a true American', 'brilliant golfer', "fantastic father', 'considerate husband', 'the best person for the job' and 'he's a guy I'd go hunting with'.

On the same website Bush appeared to refer to Hillary Clinton as a "cow".

"Full and unequivocal support from the most unpopular president in living memory is now the only thing that is stopping Obama from being selected to run for president in 2008", this according to a guy we sit next to on the train to work every morning.

Our commuter buddy continues:

"Any Republican candidate is pretty much a comedy candidate for 2008, so let's hope they go for a guy who would be the oldest president at the start of his term in history, John McCain."

An expert in elections emailed us to say: "If Bush were to declare war on Hillary now that could be her only chance."


In other primary related news: A bar specializing in alcoholic drinks said that it's 'Obama Slammers' are currently out selling the 'Hillary Hangovers' by two to one.


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