Jan 27, 2008
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'Out Of Control' Bill Clinton Fears 'First Lady' Tag

US Election 2008

Bill Clinton fears becoming America's first male first lady, according to a highly paid expert who apparently gave us his opinion for free in a hotmail we received this morning.

Excerpt from the e-mail:

"Bill Clinton is widely regarded as the most virile US president in living memory, but if Hillary becomes Commander in Chief he's about to become the first male first lady, it's gotta hurt on any number of levels."

"Luckily Bill has enough masculinity left in the bank for most Americans for this not to become a problem. However, deep down he's got to be uneasy about it, and his recent outbursts are just his subconscious fears bubbling to the surface. It's not like he's about to start wearing high heels and sensible dresses... ha ha ha..."


In related campaign news: Bill Clinton was unable to speak to a crowd last night after mysterious sound problems forced the meeting to end early.


Latest campaign 2008 poll news: In an opinion poll, Bill Clinton is still regarded as being 30% more black than Barack Obama.



SmartAlec14565378 Bill is more of a man than anybody at your pathetic website even when dressed in a dress and high heels.

JaneyWoodi65 Having a male first lady is the most sexually liberating thing I have ever heard. I want to rip all my clothes off and run nakedly in the lawns of the White House (when it gets a bit warmer of course).

KenStar56 If Bill Clinton becomes first lady I will have to get to work immediately. That well filled skirt doesn't fool me.


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