Dec 18, 2007
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'Tourettes' Bird Discovered In Rain Forest

Rude Forest

What reportedly looks like a medium-sized Turkey type bird but with a foul mouth, has been discovered in the Brazilian Rain Forest, we can now report.

The bird, which is yet to be officially named, has been given a working name that is too rude to reprint here.

Unlike the Turkey the bird can fly, and also shouts and squawks rude swear words which are said to be so bad that we are unable to report what they are even here on the Internet.

A YouTube video of the bird has been removed after thousands complained of the language.

Some of our readers were able to hear what the bird sounds like and emailed us their comments:

GB, LA: "It is one of the most remarkable natural botty mouthed tirades I have ever heard. You had to close you eyes and it was just like Richard Pryor was alive again. Wonderful."

XD, UK: "Whilst the tirade of foul swear words included the old chestnuts, it managed to make up a few new ones. Gruntfiggot, Fickwankot and Coontbaggot were three of my favourites. I fully intend to include these in polite conversation at the office Christmas Party - there is a girl there I want to impress."

DF, FL: "Bravisimo! Although this is a completely genuine phenomenon I am not waiting with baited breath for it to be included in the next documentary on the Rain Forest."

FD, MA: "I have never been so angered in all of my life. This bird fully justifies the bulldozing of rain forests everywhere. Can anyone tell me where I can get one of these birds to eat? I will gladly replace the Turkey I have in the freezer for this foul mouthed bird in a trice! It would be a pleasure to pluck the bustard."


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