Dec 6, 2007
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Kiefer Sutherland Beats Wentworth Miller As Preferred Prison Cell Mate, Survey

Prison Poser

A survey of prisoners carried out by this website following the incarceration of Kiefer Sutherland this week, reveals that more prisoners, who expressed a desire to break out of prison, would prefer 24's Sutherland as their cell mate to Prison Break's Wentworth Miller.

A similar survey carried out in January showed Miller in front.

According to our exclusive poll, Sutherland is deemed to be most likely to be able to break out of jail in under two weeks, with Wentworth Miller thought to be able to do it only after about 20 weeks, judging on form established in season 1 of Prison Break.

A typical comment from a prisoner went a little bit like this:

"I saw Jack Bauer [Sutherland's character in 24] break out of a prison in season three in an hour, Miller couldn't hope to have done that."

Other popular cell mates include: Lassie the dog, Will Smith and Willie Coyote (explosives expert).


Apology: In an earlier version of this fictitious survey we comedically suggested that imprisoned men think that Tom Cruise would be a a suitable popular cell mate. We would like to apologize to prisoners for any offense that this suggestion may have caused, have removed Mr Cruise's name from the list, above, and have agreed to eat at least one vegetarian meal this week.


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