Dec 4, 2007
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Hotel To Sue Accountant Over Unpaid Porn

Porn Scorn

Harold Jenkins is refusing to pay the porn bill on his hotel tab at the Hotel Good Margarita in Gibraltar.

The 55 year old accountant had been attending an accountants symposium in Gibraltar. But when he came to settle up his room bill at checkout he disputed the amount under the title 'Additional Services'.

A hotel manager told him 'Additional Services' was the term the hotel uses for porn.

Jenkins said whilst he may have watched one or two movies, he didn't see the twelve movies the hotel said he saw. The hotel remained adamant that he did and that he had to pay for them.

A hotel manager told this website:

"We don't normally sue customers for this sort of thing, generally they settle up quick after we send a warning letter. He won't want us to reveal the names of the titles he watched, they are just so embarrassing."

Jenkins has been told that he has fourteen days to settle the bill or the hotel will seek restitution for the porn in the courts. is led to believe that these are some of the titles that he watched in his room:

Hot and Spicy Accountants Go Loco Down In Acapulco
Red Hot Excel Spreadsheet Steaming Whores of Amsterdam
Ripped And Ready Twink Office Workers Out Of Supplies In Las Vegas
Red Hot Momma Mimi's Whore House Accountant Audit VII

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