Dec 10, 2007
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NEW: Blade Runner Ultimate 'Super Orion' 'Glittering C-Beam' Edition 58 DVD Set

Runner Ramble

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first release of Blade Runner, the studio has released what is being hailed by critics working for the studio as 'the most life affirmingly must have Blade Runner DVD and merchandising package in DVD and merchandising history.'

The fifty-eight DVD set includes all 28 released versions of the movie, each with its own commentary track and additional commentaries including never before heard commentaries from the set cleaners, catering staff, accounts receivable department and friends and family of casual bystanders who claim they were near the set at the time.

The set also includes a rarely seen musical version of Blade Runner presented complete for the first time after having been lovingly restored by a group of fat men with a love of musical theater and chocolate. Songs include: "What's It All About, Decker?", "Only A Skinjob Will Do" and "Me Oh My, I'm Only Sweepin' Chimneys".

Also included is the until-recently-believed-to-be-lost semi-official porn version of Blade Runner, Blade Rammer, in which Dick Reck-Hard can only tell that the person is a replicant by sticking his 12-inch 'replicant antenna' into various orifices to hear what noise they make.

Other extras included in the pack are:

Harrison Ford gives a unique retrospective commentary while nipping his nose

Documentary feature: Gordon Ramsay does a special Tyrell Corp Kitchen Nightmares where he cooks owl and snake dishes

"I was drunk when I started drinking this, and I'm twice as drunk now", Decker beer glass

A pack of Blade Runner 'amazingly super-smokey cigarettes' as seen being smoked in the first half of the movie

Daryl Hannah's official Blade Runner hairdresser explains step-by-step the transformation of an every day cleaning mop into her now famous blond wig.


How to buy in time for Christmas: Unfortunately during the time it took for you to read this article all versions have been sold out.


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