Nov 7, 2007
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Army Lose Invisible Tank For First Time

Army Update

Army Generals are said to be 'delighted' to have lost a tank hidden by a new invisibility shield, the first time this has ever happened, according to reports we have seen.

A General who didn't realize he was talking to us told us:

"This is an amazing technological and logistical breakthrough.

We have made the tank disappear before but we could always find it afterwards.

Today is the first time we haven't a clue where the tank is. It's a breath taking success. I'm emotional."

A child who saw that James Bond film in which they had an invisible car told this web site:

"An image of what is behind the tank is projected in front, and the image of what is in front of the tank is projected behind, what is underneath the tank is projected above it and what is above it below. This is all done in a seamless fashion to give the illusion of invisibility."


Did You Know?: The Invisible Man was a television show of the 1970's in which a man had to strip naked to become invisible. According to experts, stripping naked is not required for the new Army invisibility shield to work, it is only optional.


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