Nov 29, 2007
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(Recorded Earlier) Live Blog From Peninsula Hotel, Manila, Under Siege

Live As It Happened

(RECORDED EARLIER) You join me as I stand here in the corridor of the Peninsula Hotel, Manila, blogging live.

Rebel soldiers have barricaded themselves into this hotel and I was able to get a room here before anybody at the hotel was aware of what was going on so that I can bring you this unfolding drama as it unfolds.

Outside I can see Manilan security forces amassing in their green camouflage outfits... each of the soldiers that I can see looks eager to storm the building to end this crisis whatever the horrible cost. I duck down before they see me.

There are no rebels here with me in this corridor, just me, with my trusty laptop.

The rebels must be somewhere else in the hotel. I will try to find them to see if I can get an interview with any of them before the bloodshed and destruction truly begins.

As I sit here under this chandelier, the electricity in the hotel is still on. You will have to forgive me if my typing gets a little broken up if the electricity is cut or if panic ensues...

Oh... there's a bang... and, oh my God.




hang on, it's OK...

... my laptop is quite old and is running Windows Millennium and that was an 'almost crash' there... nothing to do with the death defying crisis in which I find myself.


OK, well, the electricity is still on and we have been told that they will probably cut the electricity in the event of a storming of the building, and there is also a likelihood of stun grenades being lobbed from outside! Just as I type that last exclamation point, the electricity has just gone off, I retype, the electricity has just gone off!!!


As you may be able to read it's all gone quiet.

I can hear a few muffled clunks in the distance but nothing at all is happening here in the corridor.

Oh... a hotel porter, one that I had spoken to earlier, has just told me to get out of the corridor and go into the safety of my room... so it seems like I tipped him correctly earlier, a relief there.

I'm now walking in the direction of my room, crouching down under windows that I pass as I type this. I open the door to my room and in I go.

Ah. There's a mint on the pillow. How lovely.

[Commercial break]

I am now typing at you from my room in the Peninsula Hotel, Manila, currently under siege with rebels having taken over the hotel.

I expect the government forces to come in and kill and shoot the rebels who have barricaded themselves in here along with me and when that happens I hope to be able to blogg it at you live...

But in the meantime, what to do, what to do? I'm torn between looking out the window, looking to see what's in the mini bar or switching on the television to see if they know anything...

Oh, there's a knock at the door.

Should I answer it, ignore it, or try to escape out of the window? What would CNN do?

Another knock comes again. "Yes", I shout, a bit too high pitchedly.

"It's all over they've given up."

"Given up?" I scream back. "Oh well, OK then" but by the time I had opened the door my informer had gone.

"Oh hello officer. You want me to come out with my hands in the air?"

"Can't type with my hands in the..."

Pip Pip. Scratch, clutch zip. terrrrrrrrr.....


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