Nov 11, 2007
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Old Guy Does Parachute Jump

Publicity Stunt

An old guy, really old, well over 80 years old, did a parachute jump to publicize something or other, yesterday.

We won't be publishing the name of the old guy because there is nothing newsworthy about this story other than who he is.

And, is it just us, or does an 83 year old doing a parachute jump sound a bit like something Greenpeace would do to publicize something?

We feel sure he wouldn't have approved much about that sort of thing in his 'youth'.

We won't be naming the thing he did the parachute jump to publicize either because that would be giving the old gipper free publicity and we are sure that, being him, he would want to pay us to advertise what he was publicizing.

It's not like he doesn't have any money.

The old guy didn't even as much as twist his ankle when he landed, which is good for him, just it makes for a pretty dull news story.

So there's not much newsworthy about this, other than he was an old guy and he did a parachute jump and yet this story was reported internationally.


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