Nov 13, 2007
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Bhutto Under Bathroom Arrest

Pakistan Pee Pee
Pakistan: has discovered that General Pervez Musharraf has not only ordered that former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto be confined to her house during the current 'state of emergency', but that she must not leave her bathroom at any time until the crisis is over.

This sensational development shows a sharp tightening of her conditions of house arrest widely criticized throughout the world.

We understand that a guard has been placed outside the door of Bhutto's bathroom and the plumbing has been set up so that Musharraf can control everything from his secret bunker cut out of a volcanic mountain in a sort of cross between something Dr Evil and Arpu would do.

It now seems certain that Musharraf intends to:

  • Take control of Bhutto's shower water so that he can switch the hot water off in the middle of a shower, replacing it with freezing cold water all of a sudden.
  • Control the flushing of the toilet to either stop it flushing completely, or to make it flush in a constant loop, or make the bowl fill to the top and beyond.
  • Restrict various toiletries including air freshners and soap from entering the designated bathroom area.

This is believed to be the most desperate attempt at bathroom based rendition-from-a-distance ever attempted.


Apology: In an earlier article we erroneously mispronounced the name of General Pervez Musharraf. We are pleased to correct our error that his first name, Pervez, is pronounced Pervesss, and not Pervy as we reported.


Meanwhile, here is a nice picture of Pakistan until normal service is resumed:

Lake Saif Ul Muluk near Kaghan valley
Lake Saif Ul Muluk near Kaghan valley. Photo by Joonas Lyytinen.



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